Northern California is facing the most devastating fire season the state has ever seen with nearly a quarter of a million acres of land burned, an estimated fifty-seven hundred structures destroyed, and more than forty people killed.

The Harsch East Bay team, based in Pleasanton, California, along with many of our tenants joined forces to collect donations for those affected by the wildfires.  The response and local support is heartwarming and while many people in the area want to help, they don’t know how to get donations to those in need.

Nanette Kidwell-Silva, who has been with Harsch just a short four weeks, took the lead on facilitating the sorting and transportation of goods to various shelters in the affected area.  She is working with a Castro Valley group to get the supplies to the fire victims who have lost everything they owned.

Sedgwick Claims Management Services, a Harsch tenant at Hacienda Lakes, is collecting donations from locations outside of California.  In only a few days, we have a room full of coats, blankets, baby bags, and more to come! Donations are being accepted until Thursday, October 19 at the Harsch Investment Properties management office in Pleasanton.