Jordan Schnitzer, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors at The Harold & Arlene CARE Foundation, announced on Friday, December 18 the donation of $21,000 to the Oregon Ballet Theatre and $78,000 to the Oregon Symphony.

“The arts have always been the heart and soul of any community,” said Jordan Schnitzer, President of The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation and Harsch Investment Properties. “The arts inspire us, they take us away.”

The funds will be distributed as $1,000 gifts to each of the 21 dancers for the Oregon Ballet Theatre (OBT) and $1,000 each to 74 musicians with the Oregon Symphony. Any additional funds will be used to cover tax liabilities.

The donation represents Jordan’s desire to support the Oregon Ballet Theatre’s dancers and Oregon Symphony musicians during this challenging time by presenting them each with a $1,000 “end-of-the-year” gift thanking them for the vital role they play in our community.

“It’s been very, very hard to keep hope alive and this very significant gesture is going to just brighten their lives,” said Kevin Irving with OBT. “We are grateful for the extra boost that this will give to our musicians at this difficult time of year until we can come back and perform again,” added Scott Showalter with Oregon Symphony.

 “At a time like this, those that can, must reach out and help others,” said Schnitzer.

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