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Schnitzer Properties is a regional, professionally-run, family-owned company that has been doing business since 1950. Today, Schnitzer Properties is a dynamic, expanding real estate company with a portfolio that includes a wealth of office, multi-tenant industrial, multi-family and retail commercial properties. We own and operate over 30 million square feet of real estate, comprising more than 190 properties in six western states. We care deeply about every one of our tenants, and feel that the spaces we provide make them more productive in their business.

 Introducing a new name 70 years in the making

Harsch Investment Properties is now Schnitzer Properties 

It’s a new name for our company, but a familiar one for the community. One with deep roots, a legacy of giving and a powerful promise for the future. For more than 70 years, Harsch Investment Properties has been synonymous with thoughtful, long-term investment – in commercial real estate, in our team and in our community.

To honor our past and carry the story forward for generations to come, we are becoming Schnitzer Properties.

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